I REALLY do sympathise with your Nottington reader who now finds it too dangerous to venture onto the village roads (which have no footpath) due to speeding traffic.

Speed is relative and even at 20mph along a narrow lane with barely enough room for two vehicles to pass, it may seem quite fast. The real problem facing Nottington and other villages around Weymouth is the increase in traffic and the underfunded size of our relief road. There has been considerable housing development in Chickerell and another 600 house planned. Curtis Fields is about to embark on building another 500 homes. Overall there has probably been another 1500 homes built in the area all possibly with two cars.

For these new residents, trying to get to Yeovil or the west side of Dorchester, had our planners built adequate roads then the best route would be via Weymouth Way and the new relief road. But this is not the case. Morning and night, huge lines of traffic build on this route and commuters have sought an alternative way through. That alternative route is through Nottington or Radipole villages, onto the old Dorchester Road and out onto the B3159 through the village of Upwey. Residents are forced to leave the area for work as employment opportunities in Weymouth are in the main poorly paid with little scope of advancement, and that picture shows no sign of changing. There is nothing in our local plan for any major improvements to our road infrastructure and I can safely forecast that road travel through these villages is set to become much, much worse as planners focus on house building with little or no thought of supporting infrastructure.

Peter Tarrant