A FORMER Dorchester resident has released his debut album featuring a collection of reggae/dub-inspired tunes based on the soundtrack of his university city.

Under the guise of Big Chip, Sam Huelin, 24, created Sounds of Bristol as part of a final year project at dBs Music. The album is now being stocked at the Vinyl Van, a pop-up music shop which can be found in South Street Market, Dorchester, every Friday.

Comprised of eight instrumental tracks and two songs with vocals, Sounds of Bristol was recorded after funds were raised through a kickstarter campaign, an online site which allows individuals to pledge money in support of creative projects.

“The plan was just to produce one record,” Sam, who now lives permanently in Bristol, says. “But we managed to raise enough money to release 300 copies, so I decided to take the project to the next level. I’d done all this hard work and I thought, why not let other people hear it?”

Inspired by the vibrant sound system of the city, the reaction to the album has been overwhelmingly positive. The album’s artwork was designed by Sam’s partner, Tilia Holmes.

“We’ve had really great feedback from friends, family, even strangers,” Sam says. “We fully intend to release a second album, hopefully with more vocalists and musicians. We’ll use the lessons we’ve learnt this time around to make it even better.”

The Vinyl Van in Dorchester is run by local resident Mark Smith and sells a wide range of records, covering a variety of genres from jazz, blues and electronic to hip hop, ska and soul.

Speaking after Sam hand-delivered Sounds of Bristol to the van, Mark said: “I’ve known Sam since a young age and have been a keen follower of his musical journey, from playing in local band Blue Town Rumble to producing this limited edition album. I’m really excited to stock Sounds of Bristol in the Vinyl Van.”

Sam added: “Mark deserves a massive shout out for all he’s done. He’s always been a great supporter of local music and it’s really great to have his backing.”

For updates on the music being stocked at the Vinyl Van, follow the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/Vinyl-Van.