A 90-YEAR-OLD woman has been forced to leave her Weymouth home after gale force winds tore the bricks from her property leaving it unsafe.

While Dorset was battered over the weekend with severe winds exceeding 70mph ripped through the county causing damage and whipping up huge waves at the coast, hundreds of bricks of Joy Prowse’s house in Radipole were knocked loose.

Mrs Prowse, 90, was told to leave her home by

the fire service, which advised her that it had become structurally unsound after taking a beating from the powerful gusts.

She has been staying in a hotel while arrangements are made to get the house fixed.

Pictures show that the majority of the outside skin of bricks at the back of her house have been ripped out during Saturday’s storm, falling onto the roof of a bathroom extension below.

Mrs Prowse said: “There was a loud bang, like a bomb going off, about 8am. I thought it may have been the fence gone.

“I was in the middle of getting dressed.

“I looked out the window and saw bricks in the garden.

“Shortly afterwards my next door neighbour rang the bell to ask if I was ok. He explained the gable end had collapsed. There were bricks all over the garden and the bathroom extension ceiling had big cracks in it.

“Now it’s letting the rain in and it’s running down the electrics.

“We have turned off the lighting, so I wont be able to see in the dark. I have an accessible disabled wet room which I now can’t use.”

Mrs Prowse added: “The fire service have advised me to not stay in the house.

“My daughter has been trying to contact the home insurers but has had no luck.

“It was quite a shock I’m 90, and now I’m worried about the house, my cat and how I’ll cope with staying in a hotel and how long everything will take to put right.”

Her daughter Rose Prowse, 50, lives across the road.

She was trying to get help for her mother over the weekend but could not get through.

“Crazy that a vulnerable older person can’t have priority treatment.” she said. She is beside herself with worry.”

She has arranged for her mother, who requires disabled facilities, to stay at a hotel for two nights while the situation at the house is sorted and says she is speaking to the insurance company, adult services and the council’s housing team to find a solution.