Visitors to Weymouth Beach had better watch their step as a steep ledge has formed due to storms.

The ledge has formed in the sand as strong waves and high tides have moved the beach around.

The town council, which looks after the beach, expects the beach to be 'reprofiled' naturally – although works will be carried out if this doesn't happen.

Beach manager for Weymouth Town Council Kevin Good said: "The easterly winds and high tides of last week have had the usual effect of 'clawing' at the beach crest. The works undertaken in the previous week to extend the beach width was successful in keeping the water well away from the promenade wall.

"The conditions were monitored by Weymouth Town Council beach staff throughout and have been liaising closely with Dorset Council Coastal engineers who have no concern with the current profile.

"It is hoped that natural processes will reprofile the strand line in due course although remedial works will be undertaken if necessary."