A MOBILE home may have to be removed from the car park of a Weymouth hotel following objections from Weymouth Town Council.

A planning application has been made in hindsight for a static mobile home at the back of the car park at the Kingswood Hotel on Rodwell Road to be replaced with a similar structure.

"I feel a bit twitchy about retrospective planning applications in general," said Cllr Graham Winter at a meeting of the Planning and Licensing Committee.

"However as it's a replacement for a mobile home that was there previously, they probably didn't realise they needed permission."

Cllr Kevin Brookes said: "Usually someone might ask for permission for a mobile home if they're doing development work on their house, but it's a large hotel so they can't be using it for accommodation."

Committee chairman Cllr Lucy Hamilton said: "With no information about what it's being used for it's impossible to make an informed decision."

The committee voted unanimously to object to the application on the grounds of not having enough information.

Weymouth Town Council's planning committee can make comments in favour of or against applications in the area - however the final decision will be made by Dorset Council.