RESIDENTS in Weymouth told of their shock after water surged through their homes in a night-time flooding drama.

Firefighters waded through waist-deep water to reduce the water after properties in Tollerdown Road, Lanehouse, were hit by severe flooding. The area was hit by a torrential rainstorm on Wednesday night and a blocked storm drain meant properties were flooded.

Resident Martina Shook said: “There was flooding right up to my door and ours and our neighbours’ gardens were under water. If the fire service didn’t attend we wouldn’t have been able to get out of the house today.”

“And if our house had been flooded, we would have lost everything.”

Kerris Dark said: “The water was right up to my doorstep. All the houses were flooded and people’s gardens were underwater.

“The doctor’s surgery car park was covered in water too.

“It was very scary. We were really worried for some of the elderly

people who live on the road.

“I was the person who called the fire service, we were about to go to sleep at the time. I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t.”

She said there was an ‘ongoing flooding’ issue with drainage on the road.

Lara McMahon, who lives near to Tollerdown Road, said: “It’s really worrying because in today’s day and age we get more extreme weather. If something isn’t done about it, then this will keep happening.”

Firefighters were called at just after 10pm.

A brigade spokesman said: “Two crews from Weymouth responded and used two pumps to reduce the flooding level which at its peak had reached one metre.

“Due to the expertise of the water rescue-trained firefighters on scene, they were able to clear the blocked storm drain to assist with the clearing of the water.

“The cause was confirmed as a storm drain blocked by fallen tree debris and foliage.

“A total of seven properties were affected by the flood water where the water entered via the airbricks and doorsteps.”

Firefighters left the scene shortly after midnight.

n Residents suggested that the flooding may also be linked to Wessex Water works on Lanehouse Rocks Road and the new development at nearby Curtis Fields.

Both Wessex Water and developer Betterment Properties said this was not the case.