DOUBLE yellow lines are being added to an area of Dorchester Road in Weymouth as a safety measure.

Residents say it will help make the road safer by improving visibility near a bus stop opposite the junction with Weymouth Bay Avenue.

This means the existing double yellow lines on Dorchester Road will be extended from the bus stop to join up with yellow lines coming out of Waverley Road.

Radipole councillor David Gray and ten residents supported the request for a Traffic Regulation Order to bring in the new yellow lines.

It is hoped that this will address a safety issue caused by traffic overtaking buses stopped at the bus stop with cars parked along Dorchester Road into the path of cars travelling in the opposite direction after emerging from Weymouth Bay Avenue.

Cllr Gray said: "Planning permission has just been granted for flats at Waverley Road, with no additional parking.

"This will force more cars to park on Dorchester Road and add to the existing problem.

"Other nearby roads have parking restrictions opposite [their junctions with Dorchester Road] - this is the only road without."

Cllr Kanji voiced concerns however.

"I think we are wasting our money for nothing here," he said. "The bus is there for less than five minutes - and how often does it come? I think if we do a proper evaluation we would see we don't need double yellow lines."

The proposals were approved by the committee following a vote of six to one.

The changes will be made by Dorset Council in its role as the highways authority for the area.