A DORSET councillor has been applauded for speaking out about his own mental health issues.

Sherborne councillor Matt Hall said he had taken the decision to highlight the importance of appropriate help and support for those with mental health problems in the workplace – something which was often not obvious.

He described the council’s approach to the issue in a draft document on the workplace as ‘a little vague’, and not having a full understanding of the complexities of the subject.

“It almost implies the naïve belief that all you need is a safe place to talk,” he told a meeting of the council’s cabinet.

Cllr Hall will now be asked to work with HR professionals to improve the council’s approach.

He described his own problems, which he said started at primary school, to illustrate how hidden the challenges can be, revealing that he was now reliant on medication to lead the ‘normal’ life which most people thinks he has.

“Dorset Council has made a huge step in the right direction but there are so many more steps which need to be taken,” he said.