A GUITAR teacher from Weymouth has just released a brand new album, comprised of 12 original songs written and performed by himself.

Singer and guitarist Paul St Clair is the man behind Knightsbridge Nights, a record inspired by his experiences of living and performing in London. The guitar-based pop/rock album is Paul's eighth since his minor hit, Something About You That's Magic, which was released by MAM Records at the end of the 1970s.

Paul has been working on Knightsbridge Nights since the beginning of the year, recording the majority of tracks in a friend's studio. Songs included Can't Live Without Love, The Midnight Train and Streets Paved With Gold.

Of the completed album, Paul said: "I'm really pleased. It's definitely one of my better albums and it's well produced. I think there's still a market for the kind of music I make, nice songs with a strong beat and a good melody."

Paul first learnt to play guitar while he was at school, forming a band with fellow students and playing at various local venues. He trained as a teacher near London, before deciding to become a full time musician.

Paul then spent a decade living and performing in the city, and over the years has performed in Europe, Canada and the US, as well as at multiple venues across southern England. A career highlight was appearing at the Zurich Jazz Festival, and his music has been featured on local and national radio and TV, with particularly extensive airplay on BBC Radio 2 and, more recently, Wessex FM.

Paul returned to Weymouth in the 1980s and has been performing locally ever since, as well as teaching guitar to many pupils in the area. "I often joke that I've taught half of Weymouth," Paul said. "I've released five instrumental records over the years, which I use to teach my students. It's nice being able to pay it back."

Knightsbridge Nights is now available to purchase for £10. The album is being stocked by Chunes, an independent record store on Mitchell Street in Weymouth, or it can be bought from Paul himself by contacting 01305 784181.