Staff have been helping in the fight against plastic pollution on our shores

More than 80 Wessex Water volunteers visited Chesil Beach near Portland for a beach clean – and removed a huge haul of rubbish.

Working with Dorset Wildlife Trust, the team carried out four separate beach cleans and staff removed close to 200kg of litter.

Sally Cooper, corporate development officer at DWT, led the beach cleans and made the volunteers aware of what to look for.

She said: “The volunteers joined us in poor weather conditions and helped to remove a variety of items, such as plastic bottles, caps and food packaging, as well as cigarette lighters, fishing equipment and more.

“The 200kg of rubbish removed from the beach will provide a massive benefit to our marine environment, local community and visitors.”

Chesil Beach is the only south west colony for Little Terns – the second rarest breeding sea bird in the UK.

Sally Cooper said: “Little Terns migrate all the way from Africa to nest at Chesil, so keeping litter from the site is essential to their survival.

“We are very thankful to the Wessex Water staff who have helped us to protect these birds and the other wildlife present across Chesil Beach.”