A WILDLIFE rescue centre on Portland has issued advice on what to do if you find a hedgehog in distress following a recent increase in rescues.

Recent cold weather has seen an influx of hedgehogs being taken in by Paula's Wildlife Rescue.

Paula Hebblethwaite, who runs the rescue from her home on Portland, said any hedgehog that is spotted out during the daytime is often in trouble and would need to be taken to a rescue.

"Some signs to look out for include wobbling, shaking, lethargy, coughing, laying on its side, parasites and being wet from the rain," she said.

"If someone spots a hedgehog that’s in need of rescuing they need to contain it in something secure, such as a high sided box, as they are good climbers.

"If possible try and keep the hedgehog warm and offer a shallow bowl of water, and contact a hedgehog rescue for advice."

Paula is currently looking after around 70 hedgehogs - including babies and young juveniles - with numbers increasing daily.

"Recently we had ten hedgehogs admitted in one day," she said.

"We take in all kinds of wildlife - if we do not have the facilities we transfer to other rescues."

Besides covering Portland, the rescue will also come and collect animals from Weymouth, Dorchester, Poundbury, Blanford and Bere Regis - although Paula said that it helps keeps costs down if people are able to bring the animals in.

Due to the high number of hogs in their care, the rescue is appealing for donations, as they are going through supplies very quickly.

Mounting costs include vet bills, as well as paying for 70 sachets of meat each day, plus bags of dried biscuits.

If you find any wildlife in need of assistance please call us on 07814168868.

"We fund all our rescuing ourselves, so all donations we receive make a big difference, allowing us to rescue more animals and provide care for more wildlife," Paula said.

You can help by purchasing items on their Amazon wish list: http://amzn.eu/5nPcVsl

To contact Paula's Wildlife Rescue call 07814168868 - this is the number to report wildlife in need of assistance.

They also have a Facebook page where you can follow regular updates on the hedgehog's progress: search for 'Paula's Wildlife Rescue'.


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