As the season quietens down we can look back at a great summer of weather and visitors - in this area we are lucky with those conditions.

But as climate comes to dominate the news, Weymouth as a resort needs to build on this and become an all-year-round resort. Yes, people love to visit this area.

It’s the unspoilt place, down-to-earth feel, low-priced hotels and atmosphere that families appreciate plus the beach and fish and chips.

They walk about with the backdrop of The Esplanade, harbour and Nothe Fort. I remember the days of Radio 1 roadshows which would bring in thousands of visitors, plus the annual Weymouth Carnival - now it’s the seafood festival and Weymouth war veterans.

Still, there are frustrations about why we have not invited many more live BBC ITV, Sky and Channel 4 productions to Weymouth with controlled beach gigs, and Weymouth Pavilion car park as a good location.

The backdrops would really appeal to a wider demographic of the UK for future visits.

Let’s put this great resort on the map again and bring here all those shows that young ones and families can only enjoy via 32 inch plasma screens.

Gary Penfold

North Square,