A MOTORCYCLIST who was in a ‘cat and mouse’ chase with a BMW before it was involved a fatal head-on crash told a jury how he felt “sick” when he saw the aftermath.

Dean Gough gave evidence at Bournemouth Crown Court on the third day of Thomas Russell and Adrian Wojciechowski's death by dangerous driving trial.

Jurors previously heard how David Grant-Jones, 49, from Weymouth, died in a head-on crash on July 14 last year when a BMW being driven by Wojciechowski swerved into the wrong lane of the A35 Puddletown Bypass and collided with his car.

Mr Gough, who was riding his motorcycle eastbound along the road shortly before the crash, told the court how he passed a white BMW before it "quickly pulled out" behind him.

He said: "I would have accelerated up to 100mph...to get some distance between myself and the car behind. I would have kept that speed fairly constant.

"I noticed the car come up behind me quickly and it looked like the BMW. I accelerated away again. I kept that high speed for some time then eased off."

When asked by presiding judge Stephen Climie why he didn't let the car pass him, Mr Gough said: "I'm a motorcyclist, it's something I enjoy, unfortunately I decided to accelerate rather then pull over." Mr Gough said he pulled into a layby to adjust his backpack, and by the time he had reached the point where the dual carriageway becomes a single lane, the crash had happened.

"I felt sick," Mr Gough said. "It was an extremely unpleasant scene. "I sold my motorbike shortly afterwards as it wasn't suitable anymore."

Jurors heard further evidence from driver Anne-Marie Wood, who had witnessed the crash with her 11-year-old daughter.

Mrs Wood, who said they had also been travelling eastbound in a horsebox vehicle, described to the jury how she had seen two cars pass her 'nose to bumper' just before the road merged to become a single carriageway.

She said: "I was still in the dual lane section when two cars came past me extremely quickly, doing to me what seemed like over 90mph. The car behind, a BMW, was literally on the bumper of the Mercedes in front.

"I had the window open as there was no air conditioning, I could hear them coming from a way off."

Mrs Wood told the jury she saw both cars cross the hatched road markings into the westbound carriageway, before "pulling in abruptly" in front of the car she was following.

"After a few seconds the white BMW pulled out across the hatch into the westbound carriageway...that's when the collision happened."

Jurors also heard evidence from Tomasz Antonowicz, a colleague of Wojciechowski who had also witnessed the crash, and Derek Clark, who claims he saw the white BMW speeding at over 100mph on the day of the fatal collision. On Wednesday, jurors heard the prosecution case that both Russell, aged 39, of Ferndown, who drove a Mercedes and Wojciechowski, aged 29, of West Molesey, Surrey, who drove a BMW, had been 'racing each other at speed' along the A35 and their "dangerous decisions" made them equally responsible for the death of Mr Grant-Jones.

They both deny charges of causing death and serious injury by dangerous driving.

The trial is set to continue on Monday.