Residents are calling for greater traffic calming measures at a junction in Weymouth before 'lives are lost'.

Weymouth Town Council planners met to discuss a proposal for road safety improvements at the junction of Longfield Road and Rodwell Road.

Residents want double yellow lines of at least six metres to be installed on the approach to the junction in Longfield Road as sightlines are reduced when drivers park there. Almost 50 names have been added to a petition.

Neil Withers, a resident of Longfield Road, told councillors: “I would like you to afford a duty of care around road safety before there is a fatality or certainly a life-changing injury caused by the junction and the speed of the traffic using Rodwell Road.

“It falls to us all to take action, to be proactive. We are asking for speed control, traffic control and calming measures around Longfield Road and Rodwell Road.”

He added: “I would even go as far as asking for you to consider a 20mph speed limit on Rodwell Road.”

Mr Withers said it would prevent any ‘near misses’ and make it safer for schoolchildren.

Another resident, Barbara Purnell, said her husband had been knocked off his motorbike twice when emerging onto Rodwell Road and has been forced to jump off at least once.

Jane Biscombe, town clerk, reminded councillors that they had previously agreed to a policy which means residents campaigning for reductions in speed limits must have operated a community speed watch for a period of at least six months before any requests can be discussed by the town council.

Cllr Trefor Morgan, said: “Yes I would support this. If we can do a little to help bring that down, that’s important.”

Cllr Jon Orrell said: “It looks entirely reasonable to back this proposal. It’s quite sensible, there’s a clear reason for it.

“It’s regrettable that people have chosen to park on a busy junction, clearly they shouldn’t be, but if they can’t behave sensibly, then we will help them, by putting in some yellow lines.”

Weymouth Town Council supported the plans which will now go to Dorset Council for a final decision.