I made my first visit to the new Portland Lidl store today.

I was delighted to see it open as it saves the trek across town to snap up a 'Middle of Lidl' bargain at the existing store.

I was very impressed by the look and the layout of the new store and came away with a basketful of goodies.

If I might suggest a couple of 'Lidl' changes, it could be better still.

Firstly, I was coughing the whole time I was there due to a burning smell from the bakery. Perhaps better extraction fans in bakery area could remedy that.

Secondly, the baked goods are enticingly displayed, uncovered, right next to the automatic entrance door. Every time the door opens a blast of air blows in from the car-park, carrying with it whatever noxious dust or fumes are blowing about, outside, and inevitably depositing it all over the uncovered baked goods. Perhaps a clear screen could be erected?

I, for one, will buy nothing from this display until remedial action is taken so it will be a bit of an 'own goal' if it is left as it is.

Otherwise, I think the store is a welcome addition to the retail mix on the island. Well done, Lidl!

Stuart Fretwell

Killicks Hill,