A BUSY day on Dorset roads saw traffic police targeting suspected dangerous drivers.

In one incident, officers from the Dorset Police No Excuse team said they smelled alcohol on the breath of a driver whose vehicle was involved in a two-car crash. The incident is reported to have happened outside Sherborne Castle.

"Following a short wait his breath was analysed, which came back as a pass," a spokesman said.

"Could this have been the reason he went into the back of another vehicle?"

During the same shift, officers stopped a driver who was known to them and already under investigation for drug driving.

According to police, the driver, who had been travelling along the A30 Kingston Magna, provided a negative drug test and told officers, "I’ve moved away from everyone so I can’t get in trouble anymore.”

"This driver is still on our radar," a Dorset Police spokesman said.

The team also stopped a vehicle they suspected was being driven by a disqualified driver. "On this occasion his wife was driving - words of advice were provided," said a police spokesman following the incident in Blandford.