The owner of a cat which is though to have been thrown onto a fire described the perpetrators as 'subhuman'.

Tigger, a one-year-old Bengal, has been left with injuries to her legs and face after being found in a distressed state in Weymouth.

Tigger’s owner, Sunny Guest, contacted the RSPCA after Tigger was rushed to an emergency vet for treatment.

She said: “The vet said her injuries were consistent with being thrown on a fire. What kind of person could throw a cat onto a fire? It’s subhuman. It breaks my heart to think this happened to Tigger and that it could happen to another animal.

“She had burns, scorched fur, and her whiskers were missing. There were also burn marks on her collar which was missing her name tag when she was found.”

Tigger was found with her injuries in Corscombe Close, Weymouth on Sunday, November 10.

The incident is thought to have happened somewhere near the Rodway Trail in the early hours of the morning.

RSPCA inspector Ken Snook, who is investigating for the animal welfare charity, said: “We’re pleased that Tigger is now recovering back with her family but are really concerned and appeal to anyone who knows what happened to Tigger, or who was responsible, to share this information with me by calling our inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”

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