Last week I read in the Echo that we should all be on our guard when answering the door.

We might be confronted by a “Nottingham Knocker” I have no idea where this nickname originated, but it seems that it now applies to ‘cold callers’ and hawkers of ill repute.

As originally a native of Nottingham by birth, I really do not take kindly to having it suggested that Nottingham folk are not to be trusted. I think that if census were taken of everyone who now resides in Weymouth that hails originally from Nottingham, you will probably be quite surprised.

I personally can say that I know of at least three.

I have not yet asked them their views how they see this form of nomenclature,used to refer to their birthplace, and moreover their personality. Or perhaps we ought to be referred to as “ROBINHOODITES”.

OK me-duck!

A.L. Hopper