Here are the candidates standing in South Dorset ahead of the upcoming General Election in alphabetical order:

Conservative candidate Richard Drax

We must get Brexit done. Any democracy is fragile, and the attempt by many in Parliament to prevent our departure from the EU, following the biggest mandate to do so, has shaken it to the core.

I have fought hard to honour that vote and shall continue to do so.

A deal has been agreed between us and the EU and I have every confidence that a mutually agreeable free trade agreement will be struck by December 2020.

Breaking this impasse will allow us to concentrate on important domestic issues, like the NHS, education and of course our public and uniformed services.

Disadvantaged by historically low funding in most areas, we must now have a fair share of the cake.

As a former soldier, and understanding the significant of deterrence and reassurance, I have argued consistently for more police officers and at last we will get them.

More investment in our schools, hospitals and prisons is happening and this is also welcome.

So, too, is the fact that unemployment has fallen to the lowest level in 45 years, while wages continue to rise.

To be an MP is an honour, not a right.

If re-elected, I shall continue to represent you all, without fear or favour.

Independent candidate Joseph Green

My name is Joseph Green, 23, I have been a teacher at a Weymouth College for four years where I teach Sport, Public Services and Politics. I was born locally and grew up in Portmore Gardens (just by Asda). I attended All Saints School and then studied for two years at Weymouth College before going to Bournemouth University after which I went into teaching.

Too many people, especially young people, do not vote in elections. People are tired of politicians 'playing politics', which is a reason why they don't bother voting. The stakes are too high for people not to vote in this election which is why I am standing as an Independent Candidate in the general election so I can use my voice to get people excited and enthused to vote.

President Obama always said that "one voice can change the world", so imagine what all of our voices combined can achieve.

Liberal Democrats candidate Nick Ireland

The son of a police constable, he was educated at his local comprehensive school in Liverpool enabling him to obtain a place at Imperial College, London. He has worked in IT since graduating in 1988.

Nick lives in South Dorset, is married to Liz who works in an NHS hospital, and they have three children (now all in their twenties) who attended local state schools in Weymouth.

He took an interest in local community life after moving from London and has been a parish councillor since 2009.

In May 2017, he was elected to Dorset County Council and became leader of the Liberal Democrat group in January 2018.

In May 2019, he was elected to the new unitary Dorset Council and leads 29-strong Liberal Democrat group.

He has consistently opposed cuts to SEND provision and to our bus services and been instrumental in challenging the detrimental changes to our local NHS provision.

Nick is passionate about environmental issues and proposed the successful motion to declare a climate emergency at the inaugural meeting of Dorset Council.

Nick scuba dives and regularly competes in various sports including swimming, cycling, triathlon and target shooting, and has successfully completed a solo swim across the English Channel to raise funds for the British Lung Foundation and Dorset County Hospital Cardiac Unit.

Green candidate Dr Jon Orrell

My parents moved back to Weymouth , where my grandparents ran a seafront hotel, when I was three months old. So I grew up here and went to school locally before going to university . I moved back here with my family 20 years ago to work at Royal Crescent Surgery.

As a GP back in my home town I have the privilege of meeting all types of people. There are few millionaires but many more people struggling with poverty and becoming unwell. As a Christian I share with others a concern for the excluded and endeavour to be a good steward of the earth.

I used to grow vegetables as a teenager, and read John Seymours book on sustainability. Then for many years this went on the back boiler with raising a family. A decade ago browsing a bookstall at the Tolpuddle festival I came across the Permaculture magazine and my interest in green matters was re kindled.

I see the fate of individual patients and the bigger environment as being totally linked. What is good for the planet is good for people. I have moved from being a floating voter to a convinced Green.

Labour candidate Carralyn Parkes

I’m an artist and art historian, former Weymouth College lecturer, and Portland Town Councillor with responsibility for heritage. It’s an honour to be your Labour Parliamentary Candidate.

South Dorset’s environment is at risk, pensioner poverty is rising, and our economy is over-dependent on part-time jobs, with the lowest wages in the UK. Schools and hospitals are underfunded, affordable housing is non-existent, food-bank use is rising, young people face massive student debt, capped off by the worst possible Brexit deal imaginable.

We can turn the fortunes of our country and people around. Labour will fight for real change, tackling climate emergency with a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’, creating well-paid, high skilled jobs, investing in communities so that we all prosper, properly funding the NHS, schools, and Public Services, protecting pensions, building homes for rent, abolishing tuition fees. Labour will negotiate a deal that doesn’t throw the country off a cliff, and YOU will decide in a public vote within six months of taking office, whether to ‘Remain’ or ‘Leave’.

Only Labour offers us a ‘Brighter Future’.