WORK to replace sand on parts of Weymouth beach in order to improve flood protection is underway today.

Dorset Council will use dump trucks and excavators to move sand from the southern end of the beach, near the Peninsula, to the northern end near Greenhill.

The sand will be moved from the lower part of the beach and placed beneath the shingle at Greenhill, so the character of the beach will not be changed, according to Dorset Council.

The work is expected to take two days and is being done in co-ordination with Weymouth Town Council.

Rob Clarke, Dorset Council engineer, said: "The sand we are moving has naturally worked its way along the beach. We are simply moving it back to provide better protection to more vulnerable sections of the beach wall.

"This will raise the beach level and create a wider crest. This is a more cost effective way of protecting the promenade until we can deliver a more permanent solution."

The works are being carried out in accordance with the Beach Management Plan.