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Every year some schools raise money for an occasion called children in need.

People help these children by donating money or buying Pudsey badges, headbands and lots of other cool accessories.

At our school we participate in a variety of sports, we also bring in money. Did you know last year we raised over a thousand pounds for children in need?

At many different shops you can buy Pudsey related items to help the children who need you to lend a hand.

Over the years we have all raised money and helped the unfortunate children of the world. Some of the sports we do are football, basket ball, tag rugby and hockey.

Every class will have a plastic cup and will fill it up with the change that the parents give their children to take in to class. After that, the money is sent to help the unfortunate.

The money that you donate goes to a very good place to help the people who are suffering the most.

Red nose day also raises money for the children in need. Did you know that our school also celebrates red nose day and the wonderful harvest festival, where we give food to the food bank?

How do you celebrate children in need?

By Lola Carney and Lexi-Rae Key