PLANS for a three bedroom cottage to be built in a back garden raised no objections from councillors, despite neighbours' concerns.

Members of the Weymouth Town Council planning committee reviewed an application for a three bedroom cottage to be built at the bottom of the garden that forms part of a property in Sutton Road, Sutton Poyntz.

Michelle Underhill, who owns the property, presented her application to the planning committee.

She said: "In the past few years very few small, cottage-style properties have been built in the area.

"The majority of new properties in the villages of Sutton Poyntz and Preston seem to be mostly flats, or four or five bedroom houses.

"I believe there is a real need for smaller cottage-style properties to provide the mix that is conductive to a village environment and to accommodate local young families who are currently at risk of being priced out of the market by the predominance of these new large properties."

However, neighbours have raised concerns on the Dorset Council planning portal regarding the application.

Sally Rodgers lives in nearby Hambro Terrace and says she will be "significantly impacted" should the application be approved.

She said: "Such a development would significantly impact and spoil the charm and quintessential village nature of this area.

"The area is a natural haven for a variety and abundance of wildlife including two species of owls who currently frequent the large ash tree on the land.

"Increased traffic will spoil the peaceful charm of the neighbourhood and reduce the safety of the residents' children who currently enjoy the benefits of a green and safe play area."

Geoffrey Howlett raised concerns about the access to the site for construction vehicles via The Wier. He said: "Currently the small Dorset Council refuse vehicles have difficulty negotiating the very sharp corner from The Wier into Hambro Terrace so any larger vehicles would only be able to manage with extreme difficulty if at all."

The planning committee agreed unanimously that they had no objection to the application and it will now move to the next stage at Dorset Council.