Dorchester’s landscape north of the water meadows is too precious to be reduced to political brinkmanship.

In June Oliver Letwin supported the creation of a garden village north of Dorchester even before the results of public consultation were published.

And now the Lib Dems’ publicity claims that the proposal to build 3,500 houses has been put ‘on hold’; in fact the whole of the former local plan was put on hold, so there is no justification for their celebratory tone.

Some of their canvassers are even claiming that the issue has been resolved.

Such claims are misleading and inaccurate - the threat to Dorchester is alive and very real.

STAND ‘Save the Area North of Dorchester’ is a local group challenging the proposed development.

Politically we are a mixed group but we share a passionate commitment to oppose development which we believe would be disastrous for the town on so many levels, yet would not deliver the affordable homes that are needed.

If you share our concerns please go to our website - - for further information.

Linda Poulsen

Victoria Road