CONTROVERSIAL plans to build four extra homes and extend camping facilities at a holiday site in Weymouth have been met with objections.

The owners of Martleaves Farm on South Road at Wyke Regis, a part of Swallows Rest Guest House and holiday cottages, put forward two applications which were both reviewed by Weymouth Town Council's planning committee.

They included retrospective planning permission to extend the existing camping facilities on the site and an outline application to build four new dwellings.

Cllr Lucy Hamilton said she had concerns about the applications: "There have been many many objections from residents objecting to access through Ryemead Lane, concern about the impact on the heritage site.

"It's a sensitive part of our landscape in the heritage and outside of the development area."

Councillors consulted the adopted local plan and found that the proposed development fell foul of three points in the plan.

The site was inside the area defined as the Heritage Coast. It was also in "land of local landscape importance" and was outside the defined development boundary laid out in the local plan.

Pre-application advice contained in the application acknowledged that the plan was outside of the development boundary and inside the heritage coast, but also claimed that it was "adjacent to the development boundary in a sustainable location."

On the Dorset Council planning portal there are ten objections from local people on each of the applications.

Lorraine Burchell said: "This building work would affect the other wildlife which is found in this area which includes great crested newts, badgers, skylarks and hares. This work would disrupt known routes of travel and nesting/hibernation sites for these species."

Several residents objected to the access routes through Ryemead Lane and South Road.

Edward Sanders said: "This application if approved will increase the traffic flow along South Road, a thoroughfare that is busy during normal daily working hours. There are vehicles taking children to the local schools, locals using it for their daily business and others using it as a 'rat run' when Portland Road and Wyke High Street are blocked or highly congested."

The committee was unanimous in objecting to the proposal but, as the town council merely acts in an advisory capacity in the planning process, the application will now move to the next stage at Dorset Council with their comments attached.