A MAN wants to make a citizen’s arrest as he claims police are doing very little to catch thieves who stole his motorbike.

Lee Vickery’s grey and black Aprilia motorbike was stolen from Lennox Street in Weymouth. He reported the incident but is ‘frustrated’ and ‘irate’ because nothing has been done about it. He even asked officers if he could take the law into his own hands by making a citizen’s arrest after identifying a possible suspect.

Mr Vickery, 41, from Gillingham, said: “It’s my job on the line, I need my bike for work. I am the one feeling the loss, who is feeling frustrated and irate because my bike has been seen around and nothing is being done about it.”

Mr Vickery says his friends and people on social media have been reporting sightings of the motorbike. The latest sighting was apparently a week ago in Martinstown when two youths were allegedly seen riding a motorbike bearing the same registration plate.

Mr Vickery: “I asked the police if I can make a citizen’s arrest and they said no. They said I had to call 999 but I said that’s what I had been doing.”

Dorset Police received a report of the theft on Thursday, November 21 with the bike being stolen at around 2.30am that morning.

A spokesman for Dorset Police said: “Enquiries into the incident are ongoing, but no arrests have been made at this stage.”

Mr Vickery says the motorbike was brand new and cost him more than £3,500.

A spokesman for Dorset Police said: “There is nothing on our logs about further sightings being reported, there is further potential CCTV opportunities that we have been advised of, but no specific reports of the bike being seen.”

Mr Vickery claimed: “Police aren’t doing anything. Apparently, it takes up to 15 days for a case to get allocated. Meanwhile, these youths are riding around on it.”

According to police, they allocate jobs as soon as possible depending on overall demand, available resources and an assessment of threat, risk, harm and vulnerability.

Mr Vickery added: “The way I see it, is if it was a robbery or car theft, they would be on it, but because it’s a bike it seems they’re not as interested about it.”

Anyone with information can contact Dorset Police on 101, quoting the occurrence number 55190183531.

The registration is HD19 FRC.