STUDENTS at a rural Dorset school have come up with their very own Christmas advert, with an environmentally-friendly message.

Pupils from St Mary's Middle School in Puddletown came up with an idea for their own Christmas advert 'The Demanding Christmas Child' after watching this year's festive film from John Lewis, starring Excitable Edgar.

English and drama teacher, Jenny Welsby, said: "We all look forward to the John Lewis advert every year. They are beautifully crafted and illustrate concepts of story-telling and advertising that can be used in the classroom.

"When it came out this year, however, there was a notable sense of disappointment among the students. Where was the green message?

"The students and I were all really looking forward to the John Lewis Christmas advert this year, but we felt there was a missed an opportunity to reflect the mood of the moment.

"So we made our own advert for St Mary’s instead, promoting a ‘green' Christmas."

The film follows a young girl who is asked what she wants for Christmas, but when she opens her presents she is not happy.

When the teacher takes the girls screwed up Christmas list out of the bin she find it has one thing on it: A plastic free Christmas.

The girl then gets the whole school to help her pick up litter and recycle plastics and a tree is planted at the end.

Year 7 student Henrietta was the lead in the film. She said: "I watched the original John Lewis advert and even though plastic is an important issue, I was surprised that they hadn’t recognised this.

"I wanted to get the word out there that something must be done, otherwise it will go unheard for another year."

Miss Welsby said: "When the students show passion and enthusiasm for something, it’s our job as teachers to support them however we can.

"It was a labour of love in terms of time taken to produce. Using only a camera and commitment, everything from filming to editing was done in the team’s own time - demonstrating their level of dedication to the task.

"Children are inspired by real tasks with a real audience. My students should believe that, just like the girl in the film, everyone can make a difference.

"Even if you are a Year 7 student in a rural Dorset middle school - you deserve to be heard if you’re prepared to speak."

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