Hi readers, it’s Emily and William here, talking about what happens when our parents aren’t able to look after us any more.

To set the scene, because of our learning disability, both of us still need, and get, a lot of support from our parents. And in case we forget, thank you to them for that!

For me, Emily, I live at home with my Mum. I, William, live in my own flat, and am supported by my parents with things like letters, bills, benefit and council forms, cleaning and keeping on top of things.

Having a learning disability makes things like this more difficult for us than other people. A learning disability is a life long condition (different to mental health problems or dyslexia) and means we’ll always need support.

Back to the main point. We have been thinking about the future and what will happen when our parents are no longer are able to give us the support we need.

Both our parents are already thinking about it too, how to plan for our future. I, Emily, would like to live with my friends in a shared house with my own private space. I imagine a bedroom, bathroom, small lounge and kitchen area. I think a communal room is important, where we could eat and chat together. Maybe someone could help us cook a meal once a week for each other.

I, William want to stay in my flat, but be able to use the community room at Emily’s, so I can also eat with friends.

We’d only really need support for things like cleaning, cooking, health and shopping – plus bills, benefits forms and letters.

We want to talk to people who can help us achieve this, before there is a problem and our parents can’t support us.

The writers of the Our View column are supported in their editing by The Friendship Club– a project for adults with learning disabilities, run by People First Dorset