Objectors have raised concerns about the next phase of the 500-home Curtis Fields development in Weymouth.

Betterment Properties has submitted a ‘reserved matters’ application which includes proposals for the site layout, access roads and landscaping for Phase 4 of the scheme which was given outline permission in August 2016.

Concerns expressed in formal letters of objection include worries about the scale of the scheme and the effect it will have on the area. Others have questioned some of the details – including the proposed shared footpath to Lanehouse Rocks Road with pedestrians and cyclists, which an objector believes to be too narrow for dual use.

In a letter of objection to Dorset Council planners, Howard Weekes challenges the entire phase because of the strain the extra residents will put on the local road system and services.

“A lot more infrastructure needs to be put in place. We already have 600 houses being built by Betterment Homes on Curtis Fields. In Chickerell we have in excess of 1,000 houses and 37 homes on Value House,” he wrote.

“There are not enough GP surgeries to accommodate this. We already have had two GP surgeries closed and we have to wait three weeks to see our own GP at the moment. We were unable to get a National Health dentist in Weymouth and have to go to Dorchester.

Dorset County Hospital is already struggling to manage to accommodate the residents of Weymouth,” he said.

Mr Weekes also list a number of existing road junctions in the area which he says are already under strain. He says adding another junction onto Lanehouse Rocks from Curtis Fields will just add to the problems of the road network.

Only one letter of support was received, from Simon Newport, who says the extra homes offer a chance to improve the local bus service: “The Curtis Fields development represents an opportunity to improve public transport in Weymouth and to parts of the community that buses do not currently serve. This site could be served by a bus route from Weymouth, to Southill, Curtis Fields and Downclose Estate,” he suggested.

The detailed application runs to more than 50 documents which can all be seen on the Dorset Council planning website. It includes details of the proposed types and size of houses, the road layout and the location of a number of ponds which will be used to manage surface water on the site.

The details are expected to be agreed by a planning officer under delegated powers.

Weymouth Town Council planning committee will discuss the application at its evening meeting on December 10.