Wessex Water say residents in Coburg Road, Dorchester should not need to suffer any further overnight disturbance.

Some were woken in the early hours of the morning when a tanker had to be brought in to pump out a sewage main. The operation continued the following day with a tanker back again after 10pm on Wednesday this week for a further check.

The company say they have now repaired a broken sewage pipe and there should not be any further problems.

“We've had to carry out emergency sewer repairs, with a tanker in use to prevent flooding. We're sorry for any disturbance,” said a spokesman.

“I’ve spoken to a member of the evening’s crew and he confirmed that they returned to Coburg Road as planned to check the sewer was operating normally. This followed the emergency overnight repairs on 25 November.

“There are satisfied that everything is now running smoothly so we shouldn’t need to return.”