Parents are risking the safety of children by parking illegally outside of schools across Dorset.

Dorset Council and Dorset Police have issued warnings to parents on the school run who park illegally when picking up and dropping off their children.

A photograph taken by Weymouth and Portland Police showed a cars parked on zig-zag and yellow lines outside of Conifers Primary School on Radipole Lane, Weymouth.

Markings on the road warn drivers to keep clear of the area.

Dorset Police said it "would like to remind parents that the zig-zag area is not for parking in during hours of school drop off or pick up. The area is for the safety of your children."

Although this picture was taken outside Conifers, it is acknowledged that illegal parking is happening outside schools across the area.

Rule 243 of the Highway Code says to "do not stop or park near a school entrance."

The Code also states that the yellow zig-zag lines outside of a school mean: "Keep entrance clear of stationary vehicles, even if picking up or setting down children."

Andrew Johnson, Headteacher at Conifers Primary School, acknowledged the issues with parking outside of the school but said the problem applies other schools as well.

He said: "Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, motorists are still parking illegally and inconsiderately outside the school.

"This problem is far from unique to Conifers Primary and although we often remind our parents about the dangers of parking illegally, in newsletters, bulletins and prominent signage, whilst working closely with our local Road Safety Officer, many continue to park with little regard to the safety of our children.

"Anything that can be implemented and enforced by the Highways Team to improve this situation, would always have our full support."

Mike Potter, Road Safety Team Leader, at Dorset Council said: “Keep clear markings and zig-zags at schools are in place to provide good visibility for pedestrians, and drivers, and they should be kept clear to help keep schoolchildren safe.

“Unfortunately, inconsiderate parking during the school run is an on-going problem which we are working with schools and the police to try and prevent.”