CLIMATE activists will be staging a protest next to a busy road in Weymouth today (December 9) to highlight the issue of air pollution.

A non-disruptive protest has been organised by the group Extinction Rebellion and will take place on Boot Hill and Rodwell Road.

The protest will be held from 7.30am to 9.30am when most drivers are expected to be using the road to travel to work.

The protest will be attended by local residents and councillors and is part of Extinction Rebellion’s 12 days of crisis campaign in the lead-up to the General Election – this time protesting government inaction on air pollution.

Penny Quilter, a frequent user of Boot Hill, and former public health nurse and Extinction Rebellion supporter said: “This action is not aimed at making the hard-working citizens and parents that frequently use this road feel bad. The aim is to highlight the horrific levels of pollution we are subjected to on a daily basis and the lack of inaction from local and national governments to tackle it. This will only get worse alongside the climate and ecological emergency and each of us has the power, with our vote, to solicit change.”

Doctor Andy Ward, a GP from Portland also supports the movement, “Global heating caused by the burning of fossil fuels will affect children born today at every stage of their lives, from infancy to old age. Climate change is already damaging our health all over the world.”

According to Extinction Rebellion, air pollution kills an estimated 7 million people each year. Meanwhile, 2 million people are living with illegal air pollution in London today, including 400,000 children.

Dorset Councillor Clare Sutton said: “I utterly applaud everything XR is doing to push air pollution, and the need to urgently take steps to tackle the climate emergency before it is too late, up the political agenda on a local, national and international level. Although I cannot be there, I entirely support the action planned for 9th December and very much hope it is successful in achieving the objectives outlined.”

The group are urging voters to consider the Climate and Ecological Emergency in their personal voting decisions in the General Election on Thursday, December 12.


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