A public exhibition about a proposed waste incinerator energy plant for Portland was well-attended as residents turned up to find out more and ask questions.

Powerfuel, the company behind the plans, said around 200 residents and community representatives attended the event.

It is said the £100 million facility earmarked for land at Portland Port, if approved, would convert non-recyclable household waste into energy to power around 30,000 homes per year.

Powerfuel says the plant will help solve the issue of Dorset exporting its waste out of the county to be treated or sent to landfill.

However there were mixed reactions from residents, with a campaign group ‘Stop Portland Waste Incinerator’ listing a number of concerns.

Lucy Grieve, a former Portland councillor who has set up the campaign group, said: “I was horrified when I heard. I’m hopeful it can be stopped - not just for Portlanders but for the thousands of people who come to Portland every year.

Giles Frampton, director of Powerfuel, said: “There will always be people asking 'why here why not somewhere else?'. I’ve only spoken to two or three people who are absolutely against it."

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