Being a resident of Damers Road I feel I have a definite stake in the current hospital car-park proposal.

Indeed, there was a considerable lack of support for the proposal when there was a public meeting earlier this year (at the old Damers Road school).

There are many reasons why local residents object to the proposal but it is important to accept that the car-parking system does need to be improved for those people who need proper car-parking facility, i.e. the doctors, nurses, technicians, cleaners, office staff, etc., etc.

Priority must be given to these vital members of the DCH workforce but the solution is not in constructing a concrete, multi-storey eyesore which will inevitably result in the degradation of the local environment. My suggestion is that DCH staff have first access to existing car park space and that a shuttle bus system is set up for the general public.

This approach works well elsewhere in the UK and in other countries. A shuttle-bus service would reduce traffic congestion and do away with the need for a multi-storey concrete car-park eyesore.

Additionally, those that can may well decide to walk or even cycle to the hospital.

There could also be provision for those people unwilling to use the shuttle bus to be able to be dropped off by a relative or friend.

All in all, with general health concerns, obesity issues and the spectre of climate change looming, this is a golden opportunity for Dorset Council to do the right thing and NOT choose a 1980s solution.

Please do not choose the easy way out.

Gareth Griffiths

Damers Road