Polling day is here.

After weeks of political campaigning from politicians and activists, today voters head out to cast their vote in the General Election.

People who did not opt to vote by post or proxy will need to go to the station designated on their polling card. Voters do not need to bring this card with them to vote.

Here is a full list of all the polling stations in the South Dorset and West Dorset constituencies along with the corresponding electoral register numbers for people who can vote there.


St Edmund`s Church Hall, Lanehouse Rocks Road, Weymouth [CHC5-1 to CHC5-1103]

Redlands Community Sports Hub, Dorchester Road, Weymouth [CHC6-1 to CHC6-162; UPB3-1 to UPB3-1432/5]

Crossways Library, Old Farm Way, Crossways [CRO1-1 to CRO1-1953/2]

Osmington Village Hall (Constable Room), Shortlake Lane [CRO2-1 to CRO2-525/1; CRO4-1 to CRO4-40]

Owermoigne Village Hall, Pollards Lane [CRO3-1 to CRO3-421/1; CRO5-1 to CRO5-84]

Reynolds Community Centre, Dorchester Road, Broadwey, Weymouth [LIT1-1 to LIT1-527; UPB2-3 to UPB2-953/1]

St Francis of Assisi Church Hall, Merredin Close, Littlemoor, Weymouth [LIT2-1 to LIT2-953/1]

Littlemoor Community Centre, Canberra Road, Weymouth [LIT3-1 to LIT3-1872]

Spyglass Inn (Harvester), Bowleaze Coveway, Preston [LIT4-1 to LIT4-1707/1]

Preston Village Hall, Preston Road, Preston, Weymouth [LIT5-1 to LIT5-2077]

Mission Hall, Mission Hall Lane, Sutton Poyntz, Weymouth [LIT6-1 to LIT6-635]

The Park Community Centre, Chelmsford Street, Weymouth [MEL1-1 to MEL1-1462; MEL1-1462/1 to MEL1-2834]

Baptist Church Hall, 18 The Esplanade, Weymouth [MEL2-1 to MEL2-599/1]

Shaftesbury Hall, Portland Masonic Hall, Victoria Square [POR1-1 to POR1-983; POR2-1 to POR2-319]

St John`s Church Hall, Ventnor Road, Portland [POR3-1 to POR3-1531/1]

Portland United Football Club, Grove Road, Portland [POR4-1 to POR4-564]

Methodist School Room, Easton Square, Portland [POR5-1 to POR5-2100/2]

Kimberlin Club, Blacknor Road, Portland [POR6-1 to POR6-1321]

Weston Community Hall, Weston Road, Portland [POR7-1 to POR7-1093/2]

St Andrew`s Church Hall, Church Lane, Southwell, Portland [POR8-1 to POR8-1538/2]

Radipole URC Church Hall, Roman Road, Radipole, Weymouth [RAD1-1 to RAD1-1274; RAD3-1 to RAD3-1440]

Southill Community Centre, 137 Radipole Lane, Weymouth [RAD2-1 to RAD2-1693]

St Augustine`s Church Hall, 38 Dorchester Road, Weymouth [RAD4-1 to RAD4-1562/1; RAD5-1 to RAD5-1177]

Westham Methodist Church Hall, Milton Road, Weymouth [RAD6-1 to RAD6-333]

Hope United Reformed Church, Trinity Street, Weymouth [ROD1-1 to ROD1-1355; ROD1-1356 to ROD1-2697]

Moose Lodge, 137 Chickerell Road, Weymouth [ROD2-1 to ROD2-922/1]

Weymouth South Scout HQ, Rylands Lane, Weymouth [ROD3-1 to ROD3-1724/2; ROD4-1 to ROD4-774; ROD5-1 to ROD5-661]

All Saints Memorial Hall, Chamberlaine Road, Wyke Regis [ROD6-1 to ROD6-1590]

Wyke Regis Methodist School Room, Portland Road, Weymouth [ROD7-2 to ROD7-1600/1]

Wellworthy Sports & Social Club, Dumbarton Road, Weymouth [ROD8-1 to ROD8-1155]

Furzebrook Village Hall, Furzebrook, Wareham [SEP1-1 to SEP1-109/4; SEP9-1 to SEP9-28]

Church Knowle Village Hall, Church Knowle, Wareham [SEP10-1 to SEP10-30; SEP2-1 to SEP2-140/1]

Studland Village Hall, Heathgreen Road, Studland [SEP11-1 to SEP11-345]

Worth Matravers Village Hall, Pikes Lane, Worth Matravers [SEP12-1 to SEP12-226]

Harmans Cross Village Hall, Haycrafts Lane, Harmans Cross [SEP13-1 to SEP13-385]

Corfe Castle Village Hall, East Street, Corfe Castle [SEP3-1 to SEP3-1005/1]

Scott Estate Office, South Street, Kingston [SEP4-1 to SEP4-103/2]

The Black Dog, East Stoke, Wareham [SEP5-1 to SEP5-35; SEP6-1 to SEP6-301/1]

The Etches Collection, Museum of Jurassic Marine Life, Kimmeridge [SEP7-1 to SEP7-76]

Langton Matravers Village Hall, High Street, Langton Matravers [SEP8-1 to SEP8-734]

All Saints Church Hall, 26 Ulwell Road, Swanage [SWA1-1 to SWA1-1466/2]

St Edwards RC Church Hall, 1 Victoria Avenue, Swanage [SWA2-1 to SWA2-1456; SWA2-1457 to SWA2-2476]

Swanage Methodist Church Hall, 105 High Street, Swanage [SWA3-1 to SWA3-1776]

Herston Hall, Jubilee Road, Swanage [SWA4-1 to SWA4-1168; SWA4-1169 to SWA4-2284]

The Memorial Hall, Victoria Avenue, Upwey, Weymouth [UPB1-1 to UPB1-1413]

Stoborough Village Hall, Stoborough, Wareham [WAH1-1 to WAH1-1108/4]

Tincleton Village Hall, Nr. Tincleton Cross [WIB14-1 to WIB14-60; WIB4-1 to WIB4-134/1]

Briantspuddle Village Hall (Diamond Jubilee Room), Briantspuddle, Dorchester [WPU1-1 to WPU1-388]

Cologne Road Community Room, 21 Cologne Road, Bovington [WPU10-1 to WPU10-440/1]

RAC Memorial Hall, King George V Road, Bovington [WPU11-1 to WPU11-909]

East Burton Village Hall, East Burton, Wool [WPU12-1 to WPU12-948]

New location, The D`Urberville Centre, Colliers Lane, Wool [WPU13-1 to WPU13-1323/1]

East Chaldon Village Hall, East Chaldon, Dorchester [WPU4-1 to WPU4-119]

Park Lodge Shoot Building, The Lulworth Estate, East Lulworth [WPU5-1/1 to WPU5-52/2; WPU6-1 to WPU6-128/1]

Moreton Village Hall (Stage Room), Moreton, Dorchester [WPU7-1 to WPU7-281]

West Lulworth Village Hall, West Lulworth, Wareham [WPU8-1 to WPU8-504/1]

Winfrith Village Hall, Winfrith Newburgh, Dorchester [WPU9-1 to WPU9-558/1]

Dorset Close Centre, Dorset Close, Weymouth, DT4 0PU [WST1-1 to WST1-1711; WST6-1 to WST6-416]

Weymouth Outdoor Education Centre, Knightsdale Road, Weymouth [WST2-1 to WST2-1819]

Ebenezer Evangelical Church, Cromwell Road, Weymouth [WST3-1 to WST3-1054]

Temporary location for Admiral Hardy voters, Safewise, 481 Radipole Lane, Weymouth [WST4-1 to WST4-1074; WST5-1 to WST5-794]


Beaminster Public Hall, 8 Fleet Street [BEM1-1 to BEM1-2627/1; BEM3-1 to BEM3-23]

South Perrott Village Hall, Pipplepen Lane, DT8 3HS [BEM2-1 to BEM2-68/1; BEM5-1 to BEM5-192]

Mosterton Village Hall, Main Road [BEM4-1 to BEM4-519]

St Swithuns Vestry Extension, North Allington, Bridport [BRD1-1/1 to BRD1-698/2; BRD8-1 to BRD8-1701/2]

Bridport Youth & Community Centre, Gundry Lane, Bridport [BRD10-1 to BRD10-1570/6; BRD12-1 to BRD12-151; BRD15-1 to BRD15-57]

The Salt House, Quayside, West Bay [BRD11-1 to BRD11-739; BRD16-1 to BRD16-200]

Symene Sports Club, Duck Street, Symondsbury [BRD13-1 to BRD13-332]

Eype Schoolroom, Mount Lane [BRD14-3 to BRD14-138]

Bothenhampton Village Hall, Main Street [BRD2-1 to BRD2-1311/1]

Walditch Village Hall, The Green [BRD3-2 to BRD3-538/2]

Forster Memorial Hall, Higher Street, Bradpole [BRD4-1 to BRD4-1721/4]

Mountfield (Committee Room), Rax Lane, Bridport [BRD5-1 to BRD5-242; BRD6-1 to BRD6-1208; BRD7-1 to BRD7-658]

Bridport United Church (Inner Hall), East Street, Bridport [BRD9-1 to BRD9-861/4]

Strangways Hall, Market Square, Abbotsbury [CHB1-1 to CHB1-353]

Long Bredy Village Hall, Abbotsbury Lane [CHB10-1 to CHB10-169; CHB6-1 to CHB6-39; CHB8-1 to CHB8-59]

Portesham Village Hall, Malthouse Meadow [CHB11-1 to CHB11-592; CHB2-1 to CHB2-31/1]

Puncknowle & Swyre Village Hall, Clay Lane [CHB12-1 to CHB12-108/1; CHB13-1 to CHB13-254/3; CHB14-1 to CHB14-88; CHB4-1 to CHB4-11]

Shipton Gorge Village Hall, Church Lane [CHB15-1 to CHB15-303]

Burton Bradstock Village Hall, Church Street [CHB3-1 to CHB3-827/1]

Chickerell Methodist Church, North Square, Chickerell [CHB5-1 to CHB5-71; CHB7-1 to CHB7-124; CHC4-1 to CHC4-1243]

Litton Cheney Village Hall (Committee Room), School Lane [CHB9-1 to CHB9-292/5]

Charlestown Victory Hall, Putton Lane, Chickerell [CHC1-1 to CHC1-874/1]

Lanehouse Methodist Church, Lynch Lane, Weymouth [CHC2-1 to CHC2-864/1]

Willowbed Hall, Putton Lane, Chickerell [CHC3-2/1 to CHC3-1800]

Piddletrenthide Memorial Hall, Main Street [CHK1-1 to CHK1-132; CHK12-1 to CHK12-573]

Cerne Abbas Village Hall (Meeting Room), Kettle Bridge Lane [CHK10-1 to CHK10-11; CHK14-1 to CHK14-4; CHK3-1 to CHK3-687; CHK6-2 to CHK6-123]

Piddlehinton Village Hall, Rectory Road [CHK11-1 to CHK11-318]

Sydling St Nicholas Village Hall (Committee Room), East Street [CHK13-1 to CHK13-351]

The Parish Pavilion, Buckland Newton, Dorchester [CHK2-1 to CHK2-554]

Cheselbourne Village Hall, Main Street [CHK4-1 to CHK4-256; CHK8-1 to CHK8-108/2]

Dewlish Village Hall, Church Street [CHK5-1 to CHK5-224/1]

Minterne House (The Old Kitchen), Minterne Magna [CHK9-1 to CHK9-157/3]

Bradford Peverell Village Hall, Dorchester Road [CHM1-1 to CHM1-324/1]

Charlton Down Village Hall (Toad Hall), Sherren Avenue [CHM2-1 to CHM2-1150/2]

Charminster Village Hall, North Street [CHM3-1 to CHM3-1206/2]

Frampton Village Hall, Dorchester Road [CHM4-1 to CHM4-394]

Kingston Maurward College, Kingston Maurward, Dorchester [CHM5-1 to CHM5-261/1]

Stratton Village Hall (Aylott Room), The Square [CHM6-1 to CHM6-475/3]

Lubbecke Way Community Room, Dorchester [DRE1-1 to DRE1-2365]

Sandringham Court Community Room, Dorchester [DRE2-1 to DRE2-1573]

Bayeux Court Community Room, York Road, Dorchester [DRE3-1 to DRE3-220; DRE4-1 to DRE4-1241]

Weymouth Avenue Cricket Pavilion, Recreation Ground, Dorchester [DRE5-2 to DRE5-1349/1]

Dorset Fire & Rescue (Ground Floor), Peverell Avenue West, Dorchester [DRP1-1 to DRP1-1779]

Brownsword Hall, Pummery Square, Poundbury [DRP2-2 to DRP2-1013; DRW4-1/1 to DRW4-412]

Corn Exchange, High East Street, Dorchester [DRW1-1 to DRW1-1317]

The Dorford Centre, Bridport Road, Dorchester [DRW2-1 to DRW2-1816]

Weymouth Avenue Cricket Pavilion, Recreation Ground, Dorchester [DRW3-1 to DRW3-1152]

The Storehouse Church, Cambridge Road, Dorchester [DRW5-1 to DRW5-1077/2]

St Marys Hall, Alexandra Road, Dorchester [DRW6-1 to DRW6-1282]

Loders Village Hall, Main Street, Loders [EGA1-1 to EGA1-140/2; EGA8-1 to EGA8-453/3]

Melplash Village Hall, Mapperton Lane [EGA10-1 to EGA10-205]

Netherbury Village Hall, New Inn Street [EGA11-1 to EGA11-360]

Salway Ash Village Hall, Pitchers [EGA12-1 to EGA12-504/1]

Powerstock Village Hall, School Hill [EGA13-1 to EGA13-13; EGA14-1 to EGA14-291/1]

Rampisham Village Hall [EGA15-1 to EGA15-101; EGA19-2 to EGA19-24; EGA7-1 to EGA7-119/1]

Maiden Newton Village Hall, Station Road [EGA16-1 to EGA16-12; EGA18-1 to EGA18-33; EGA20-1 to EGA20-45; EGA4-2 to EGA4-52; EGA6-1 to EGA6-144/3; EGA9-1 to EGA9-885/3]

Toller Porcorum Village Hall (Committee Room), Church Mead [EGA17-1 to EGA17-269/1]

Savill Memorial Hall, Duck Street, Cattistock [EGA2-1 to EGA2-367; EGA3-1 to EGA3-45; EGA5-1 to EGA5-146]

Charmouth Village Hall, Wesley Close [LYC1-1 to LYC1-1179/5; MAR6-1 to MAR6-36]

Hallett Court Communal Room, Queens Walk, Lyme Regis [LYC2-1 to LYC2-1980/4]

Woodmead Hall, Hill Road, Lyme Regis [LYC3-1 to LYC3-1143/3]

Bettiscombe Parish Hall, Church Access Road [MAR1-3 to MAR1-50; MAR8-1 to MAR8-248]

Drimpton Village Hall, Chard Road [MAR10-1 to MAR10-55; MAR3-1 to MAR3-398]

James Hargreaves Community Hall, Morcombelake [MAR11-1 to MAR11-67/1; MAR15-1 to MAR15-278]

P.C.C Stoke Abbott Village Hall, School Lane [MAR12-1 to MAR12-181]

Thorncombe Village Hall, Chard Street, Thorncombe [MAR13-1 to MAR13-594]

Whitchurch Canonicorum Village Hall, Whitchurch Cross [MAR14-1 to MAR14-310]

Wootton Fitzpaine Village Hall, School Lane [MAR16-1 to MAR16-280/2]

Comrades Hall, High Street, Broadwindsor [MAR2-1 to MAR2-583/3; MAR5-1 to MAR5-104; MAR9-1 to MAR9-29]

Blackdown Village Hall, Nr Coles Cross [MAR4-1 to MAR4-168]

Chideock Village Hall, Main Street [MAR7-1 to MAR7-537]

Puddletown Village Hall, High Street [PUD2-4 to PUD2-29; PUD6-1 to PUD6-1179/1]

Tolpuddle Village Hall, Main Road [PUD3-1 to PUD3-22; PUD7-1 to PUD7-373]

Manor House (Council Chamber), Newland, Sherborne [SHE1-1 to SHE1-1533]

St Pauls Church Hall, St Pauls Close, Sherborne [SHE2-1 to SHE2-1997]

Sherborne Scout Hall, Blackberry Lane, Sherborne [SHE3-1 to SHE3-329; SHW1-1 to SHW1-377]

Thornford Village Hall, Pound Road [SHR1-1 to SHR1-81; SHR19-1 to SHR19-691]

Bishops Caundle Village Hall, Holt Lane [SHR10-3 to SHR10-35; SHR2-1 to SHR2-331; SHR5-1 to SHR5-56]

Holwell Village Hall, Gunville Road [SHR11-1 to SHR11-301/6]

Nether Compton Village Hall, The Green [SHR12-1 to SHR12-252; SHR15-1 to SHR15-157/1]

Alweston Village Hall, Alweston [SHR13-1 to SHR13-35; SHR7-1 to SHR7-266]

Oborne Village Hall, Oborne Lane [SHR14-1 to SHR14-87; SHR16-1 to SHR16-111; SHR9-1 to SHR9-15]

Purse Caundle Manor House (Village Hall), London Road [SHR17-1 to SHR17-93]

Sandford Orcas Village Hall, Main Street [SHR18-1 to SHR18-145/1]

Trent Memorial Hall, Down Lane [SHR20-1 to SHR20-251/1]

Bradford Abbas Village Hall, Church Road [SHR3-1 to SHR3-769; SHR6-1 to SHR6-51]

Catholic Church Hall, Westbury, Sherborne [SHR4-1 to SHR4-107/1; SHW3-1 to SHW3-1265/2]

West End Community Hall, Littlefield, Sherborne [SHW2-1 to SHW2-1779/1]

St Francis of Assisi Church Hall, Merredin Close, Littlemoor, Weymouth [WIB1-1 to WIB1-78; WIB2-1 to WIB2-348]

Winterborne Monkton Old School, Monkton Road [WIB10-1 to WIB10-22; WIB11-1 to WIB11-59; WIB7-1 to WIB7-24/1; WIB9-1 to WIB9-38]

Martinstown Village Hall, St Martinsfield [WIB12-1 to WIB12-639]

Winterbourne Valley First School, Winterbourne Abbas, Dorchester [WIB13-1 to WIB13-249/1; WIB8-2 to WIB8-277/2]

Broadmayne Village Hall, Cowleaze Road [WIB3-1 to WIB3-1042/2; WIB5-1/1 to WIB5-309/1]

West Stafford Village Hall, Manor Drive [WIB6-1 to WIB6-248]

Corscombe Village Hall, Court Hill [YET1-2 to YET1-434; YET2-1 to YET2-29]

Hermitage Village Hall, Hermitage Lane [YET10-1 to YET10-82; YET7-1 to YET7-83; YET9-1 to YET9-46/1]

Chetnole Village Hall, Church Lane [YET11-1 to YET11-293/4; YET19-1 to YET19-16]

Longburton Village Hall, Main Road [YET12-1 to YET12-159; YET13-1 to YET13-420/1; YET14-1 to YET14-15; YET15-1 to YET15-62/1]

Yetminster Jubilee Hall , Church Street, Yetminster [YET16-1 to YET16-978/1; YET17-2 to YET17-97]

Melbury Osmond Village Hall, Church Lane [YET18-1 to YET18-133/4; YET5-1 to YET5-32; YET6-1 to YET6-62/2]

Halstock Community Hall, Leigh Lane [YET20-1 to YET20-464]

Evershot Village Hall, The Common [YET3-1 to YET3-36; YET4-1 to YET4-164]

Leigh Village Hall (Committee Room), Chetnole Road [YET8-1 to YET8-421/3]