I feel I must reply to the letter from your anonymous correspondent regarding young climate change demonstrators.

He, or she, believes they should be educated about the matter in school and not go on marches. I should like to point out that, before these youngsters were galvanised into action by the wonderful Greta Thunberg, the subject did not receive the attention it deserves.

Today, far more people are taking the crisis seriously and trying to do something about it, thanks to the demonstrations world-wide.

Furthermore, they are doing precisely what your correspondent asks, by taking practical action.

I have two grandchildren who go on demos whenever they can.

They also choose to walk or cycle the quite long distance to their school, in all weathers.

My grand-daughter has become a vegetarian and is moving towards veganism.

Her brother is “veggie” every other month and hopes to go all the way “after Christmas”.

Their milk and fruit juice are delivered in re-usable glass bottles. They have attended courses on protecting wildlife.

They have inspired me to follow suit (nice to have a milkman calling again) and my new car is a hybrid, running on very little petrol. No doubt we shall find other ways to help.

By coincidence, today’s paper carries these words by Pope Francis: “Young people show a heightened sensitivity to the complex problems that arise from this emergency.

“We must not place the burden on the next generations to take on the problems caused by the previous ones.”

Malcolm Lacey