A LONG -awaited 20mph zone will come into force in a residential area of Weymouth tomorrow.

It has been over a decade since road safety campaigners urged traffic chiefs that '20 is plenty' on the Westham estate - but now Dorset Council is reducing the limit from 30 to 20mph.

Within the new 20mph zone are 35 streets in a vast area bordered by Radipole Lane, Abbotsbury Road, Chickerell Road and Newstead Road.

Dorset Council said that signage will be up by Friday, with 20mph road markings having already been painted.

Westham councillor Christine James said: "This was one of the things I've campaigned for since 2004.

"It would have happened about four years ago - it's been delayed and delayed, but I'm glad its finally happening.

"I just hope residents are pleased with it. A lot of people have said it's great and 'well done' for pushing it forward.

"The council has painted '20' on the highway and I expect the street signs will be going up soon at all the points off the main route into the Westham estate.

"There are children, families and lots of older people - you don't need to be driving round that estate really fast.

"I'm hoping nobody will get a speeding fine - the whole thing is about education.

"If anyone's got anything negative to say about it then that's very sad - everyone should want to make the roads safer."

Westham councillor David Harris said: "This proposal went through the consultation with no objections and was cleared to start 18 months ago.

"It is a major scheme for the council as numerous signs have had to be made and erected but at long last it is coming into existence.

"A battle well worth fighting and I hope that drivers will recognise that they are driving through a totally residential area and keep their speeds in check."

Mike Potter, road safety team manager at Dorset Council said: “We’re currently working towards having all the new signs up and the speed limit in force from Friday, December 13.

“Unfortunately, additional pressures on resource, that were beyond our immediate control, has delayed the required signing work being installed.”

These are the 35 streets included within Westham's new 20mph zone:

  • Adelaide Crescent n Heathwood Road n Queensland Road
  • Bedford Road
  • Hereford Crescent
  • Quibo Lane
  • Berkshire Close
  • Hereford Road
  • Rutland Road
  • Cornwall Close
  • Highland Road
  • Shirecroft Road
  • Corporation Road
  • Holly Road
  • Short Road
  • Cromwell Road
  • Kitchener Road
  • Somerset Road
  • Devon Road
  • Links Road
  • Sussex Road
  • Dorset Close
  • Longcroft Road
  • Sydney Street
  • East Wyld Road
  • Melborne Street
  • Wessex Road
  • Emmadale Road
  • Norfolk Road
  • Westhaven
  • Franklin Road
  • Oxford Close
  • Wiltshire Avenue
  • Glenmore Road
  • Perth Street