RESIDENTS calling for greater traffic restrictions on Melcombe Avenue scored a victory as councillors voted to voice no objections to the recommended measures.

Large vehicles parked on the road have led residents to raise concerns about visibility when leaving Greenhill Court or Beach Court.

A request was brought before Weymouth Town Council’s planning committee, for councillors to consider a one or two hour parking restriction outside Greenhill Court.

It suggested that only cars and motorcycles should be allowed to park there.

The recommendation was proposed to the committee by a number of residents, as well as Cllr Jon Orrell.

Residents fear that large vehicles parked on the road can make it difficult to tell if the road is clear when leaving the driveway. They highlighted a large motor van, which is alleged to be permanently parked there, as an example of the issue.

The problem applies to users of both cars and mobility vehicles, residents have argued. It was added that parked cars do not present the same problem as large vehicles as motorists can see cyclists and other vehicles coming through the windows.

One resident shared fears that the situation could lead to a serious incident, saying: “We are concerned that a fatal accident could easily occur here.”

It was also highlighted that the road is often used on route to the hospital, college and coach car park and that it is prone to jam up with traffic in the busy summer season when there are vehicles parked on both sides of the avenue.

Councillors accepted the recommendation.

In a motion proposed by Cllr Jon Orrell and seconded by Cllr Michael Frost, the committee unanimously declared no objections to the idea of imposing a two hour parking restriction on the stretch of road.

Cllr Orrell said: “I thought the committee made the right decision and am pleased the parking will remain available for the beach and hospital and hope the plans will progress at unitary council.

“The residents who presented a petition have been unanimously backed by the town councillors.”