Cllr Spencer Flower communicates with all Dorset residents.

Many people have not had time, or inclination, to go to the core facts that our decision makers will be acting on. The climate emergency has been established for very good reason.

I urge you to calculate your carbon footprint. Some people are convinced the earth is flat and read fake news.

Many people are simply trying to survive and the time to consider all the options is a luxury. Simply put, the human condition is to avoid danger, and if impossible, to stop thinking about it.

Being informed generates a huge anxiety. Choices have to be made. To change? To act? To promote? To ignore?

How can you make a difference?

You can get involved with tree planting projects.

You can support projects for wind farms and solar collection. You can most certainly REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE; share cars lifts to work, stop admiring profligate behaviour.

Very importantly you can guide the new Dorset Council to establish priorities. Add your voice via the consultation which ends this Friday, December 20. Internet search Dorset Council’s draft plan – check it says the right thing for education, arts, transport, business, tourism and how we secure our future with climate change.

Remember our Jurassic Coast? It is the only UNESCO World heritage site in England. UNESCO was set up with the aim to promote world peace and education. It is our Dorset coast that informed the world about the Origin of the Species and Mass Extinction. Dorset has a duty to tell the world we understand this issue.

In an unstable world where energy is power, we have a lot of power.

We have an ever-increasing wind speed let’s make use of it on land as well as off shore because we need an immense amount of power to move from our oil dependency.

Do you own land suitable for tree planting? Do you own land suitable for wind turbines?

The independent advice to government committee on climate change require responses by Wednesday, February 5 2020.

We need to respond with facts.

Paula Klaentschi

Old Castle Road