I read with interest Cllr Taylor’s experience when using a mobility scooter and the elaborate headline “Disabled are under attack”.

I have used a mobility scooter in and around Weymouth for 14 years and have never received a derogatory remark. Those of us who are less sprightly than we once were depend on the goodwill of the able bodied and I must take this opportunity to thank all those people who leap to open doors without even being asked and those shops who tolerate having their displays ever so slightly dislodged occasionally.

I know of only one shop in Weymouth and surrounding areas who will not accommodate mobility scooters. There is a simple remedy- take your custom elsewhere.

The nearest I have had to a negative comment is from the dozens of men, yes it’s always men who say “passed your test luv?” This is always said with good humour and a smile.

What more could we ask?

Mary Williams

Nuthatch Close