THE Conservative Party has always prided itself as being the economically competent party.

It may seem odd then, why Mr Johnson announced that he would bind himself legally to completing negotiations over trade treaties by the end of 2020, thus massively weakening his bargaining position.

The markets realised this and so the pound dropped suddenly. Why did he do this?

Politicians are often accused of being motivated by personal financial gain.

Whilst this may be a contributory factor, I believe it is the lust for power that is a stronger motive. Those who succumb to this lust always want more.

If they are not held in check all goals other than self gratification fall away.

There is no genuine concern for others, for the national good, or for the truth. Democracy, when it works, is the main means of restraining them, but it has been fatally damaged by last week’s election.

The Conservatives received less than half the popular vote and yet won a huge majority. This would not have happened if we had a proportional voting system. It would have given us a balanced Parliament.

Why is this a problem? It is really time that Parliament became a deliberative assembly rather than the gladiatorial contest that it is.

David Smith