HOW many deaths will it take before the authorities take action and do something about the flooding on various sections of the A35 (near Dorchester and also entry/exit slip road of A35 near Shell Garage - Bere Regis) and the exit/entry of A354 near Dorchester roundabout.

Every time it rains, various sections of the A35 and A354 flood the road.

This has been raise before, yet we see no proactive action by the authorities (Dorset Council/Highways Authority and local councils).

These various sections suffer with no lighting and lack of clear signage about floods on these dark roads.

There is no action by the authorities to deal with the flooding and put in drainage/gutters etc.

Instead, they would prefer against what they are meant to do as authorities, with their respective powers, to not be proactive and minimise the risk of accidents on our roads, by actually doing something.

Instead, they would prefer to put people’s lives at risk and have the emergency services be put under pressure and expense.

It is clear, the authorities lack any form of proactive action and would instead to put lives at risk, rather than care for the people they are meant to serve and actually do something to combat the flooding.

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