S BIOCHOT (Letters 23 Dec) raises important issues in the implementation of proportional representation. “Horsetrading” between two or three smaller parties may also be regarded as negotiation and compromise and has in the past resulted in effective governments.

Yes, opposition to Brexit would have been but one of the likely policies of the Lab/Lib/Green coalition I put forward and it is worth remembering that, in the last election, 16.5 million voted for Remain supporting parties, while 14.8 million voted for Leave supporting parties. Thus you can argue that this coalition government would better reflect the voters preferences than the present one.

Yes, agreed, the Conservatives allied with either Greens or Lib Dems would give a two party governing majority, on the basis of my figures. It would be up to all the parties to negotiate the best arrangement they could. But could you see this working with our present party positions?

John Tomblin,

Littlemoor Road