SEVERAL flood warnings and alerts remain in place in Dorset as the county enters the New Year.

Dorset was hit by bouts of flooding last month, and the Environment Agency is retaining a number of flooding warnings and alerts.

The rivers and streams of Weymouth are among those which are on a flood alert, meaning that flooding is possible and people should be prepared.

Areas in which warning are in place - which means that flooding is expected an immediate action should be taken - includes the South Winterbourne Valley and much of north Dorset.

Other areas which have been on flood alert include the Piddle Valley and Cerne Valley.

The agency advises people that, when a flood alert is in place, people should prepare a bag with medicines and insurance documents and keep an eye on the warnings.

When a flood warning is in place, they say that people should turn off their gas, water and electricity and move things, including pets, family and cars, to safety.

If a severe flood warning is issued, people should call 999 if they find themselves in immediate danger.

Current flood warnings for Dorset are:

Groundwater flooding for the Bere Stream

Groundwater flooding for the Gussage

Groundwater flooding for the Iwerne

Groundwater flooding for the North Winterborne, north of the A354

Groundwater flooding for the North Winterborne, south of the A354

Groundwater flooding for the South Winterbourne Valley

Groundwater flooding in the Allen Vale at Monkton Up Wimborne and Wimborne St Giles

Lower Avon from Ringwood to Christchurch

Current areas where flood alerts are in place for Dorset are:

Groundwater flooding in the Cranborne Chase area

Groundwater flooding in the West of Dorset

Lower Avon and tributaries

Lower Frome and tributaries

River Piddle and tributaries

Weymouth Rivers and Streams