NOT everybody sends Christmas greetings by email and we have been heartened by the support given to us by members of the public in this, our 32nd year of the Scout Post scheme in Dorchester, the 7th in Bridport and the 3rd in Beaminster.

Although our final numbers are still awaited we believe that the total of cards which went through the scheme this year was around of 30,000 raising approximately £8,000 for local scouting.

Along with all our thanks we do have to apologise to everybody that the dates for the Scout Post were not included on the flyer - our mistake! You can be assured that 2020 flyer will have all dates included.

To the numerous shops which hosted one of our boxes, the new volunteers who stepped forward, and our stalwart adult helpers from years past, we are so very grateful for your help in ensuring that, even in the wind and rain, you made sure that the cards were collected, stamped, sorted and delivered to their intended recipients.

We also extend our thanks to KeeP 106, our local community radio station, for reminding everybody to post their Christmas cards in the yellow Scout Post boxes.

As much as we would love to provide the postal service to more locations around the district and beyond - we rely on our volunteers in making this happen.

So, sadly, this year there were a vast number of cards which made their way into our posting boxes which were not covered by our scheme.

However, arrangements were been put in hand to ensure that the cards arrive safely at their intended destinations. But could we please make a plea for next year: please check the area listing before posting!

As always at this busy time of year, most of us are rushing around trying to do several different tasks at the same time. So we know that mistakes happen like posting your cards for Australia and Canada in our yellow boxes.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to deliver these ones by hand. We are also unable to deliver cards with no address. Those cards which we were not able to deliver are listed on our web page:

On behalf of all the young people who will benefit from the funds raised, we thank all those residents of Dorchester and West Dorset who contributed in any way to our Scout Post scheme.

To find out more about our activities visit or check our Facebook page.

Jen Wraight

Stanier Road