Workers have hit a storm-hit Chesil Beach to carry out repairs.

Dorset was battered by a fierce storm a week before Christmas which caused flooding disruption.

Huge waves pounded Chesil Beach on Portland, and the Environment Agency put Chiswell on flood alert.

The beach had to be cleared of sightseers amid fears they would be swept away.

Authorities monitored the beach road as large waves deposited shingle onto the carriageway.

The Environment Agency returned to Chesil Beach this week to carry out repairs.

A spokesman said: "The Environment Agency, in partnership with Dorset Council, is carrying out repairs to the shingle beach following storm damage on 22 December.

"The work being carried out this week involves re-profiling the beach, moving shingle from the front of the beach to the back of the beach, which will stop waves from running up and overtopping defences."

A spokesman for Dorset Council said: "As a result of the storms in December ’19, the beach profile in front of the sea wall has been altered considerably, leading to an increased risk of wave overtopping. In addition, storm waves have thrown a lot of shingle up on to the promenade.

"Dorset Council, in collaboration with the EA, is carrying out re-profiling works to reduce the crest level of the beach against the sea wall. Reducing the crest level will expose the wave return section of the wall and subsequently reduce the possibility of overtopping in severe wave conditions.

"Taking into account works being carried out by the EA further along the beach, the expected duration on site is between 2 and 3 weeks depending on the weather."