I AM utterly mystified by Richard Samways letter ‘Happy with the system’ (Echo, January 7).

If he is really the old cynic he professes to be, why does he bother to write to the papers?

If the system were to change and he does not like it he can simply choose not to vote.

He says that the current system works. Does he not realise that it is First Past the Post that guarantees that parties cannot co-operate?

Does he mean that First Past the Post works for him? What it has done is to create a nascent dictatorship. There is simply nothing to hold this government to account.

The old Conservative party, the one that I was happy to vote for many years ago, showed restraint, some loyalty to their country and some responsibility to those less fortunate.

That is long gone; the current gang are in it for themselves.

Whether this is for personal financial gain, self conceit, or both I am not sure; the result is the same. First Past the Post is destroying our children’s future.

David Smith