TWO people were rescued in a dramatic operation after getting trapped in a coastal cave which was filling with water.

Swanage Coastuard were on their way to reports reports of a woman with a broken ankle at Anvil Point when they received an urgent call to the pair cut off by the tide between Ballard Point and Old Harry.

A spokesman for Swanage Coastguard said: "The team had to divert due to the risk involved. Swanage RNLI ILB was requested and the Coastguard Team headed to the top of the cliffs.

"The ILB located the two peoples in a small cave which was submerged with the fast rising tide.

"In a rough sea the ILB managed to get to the two persons and get them into the boat. The all weather boat launched to assist and take the two back to Swanage."

A spokesman for Swanage Lifeboat said: "The ILB launched and was quickly on scene, but the sea conditions made approaching the casualties difficult. The all-weather lifeboat (ALB) was requested to launch to provide cover.

"The ILB used a technique known as ‘veering’ to approach the casualties, who were sheltering in a cave. The ILB’s anchor was set and the boat driven astern towards the cliffs, in tricky conditions, using the anchor to prevent the boat surging backwards in the waves.

"The casualties were soon picked up and the anchor recovered. The casualties were then transferred to the ALB to keep them warm and given them a more comfortable ride back to the boathouse."

Meanwhile whilst this incident was unfolding the St Albans Coastguard had been tasked to Anvil Point and the broken ankle.

Swanage Coastguard said: "The team along with an ambulance crew has located the female and due to the location a decision was made to request a helicopter.

"With the lifeboats heading back to Swanage the Swanage team made their way back to Anvil Point to assist with the injured female. Rescue 175 arrived and was soon heading to Poole with the casualty."