WHILE I thoroughly understand and applaud the decision by Prince Harry and Meghan to ‘do their own thing’ the way they announced their decision is totally unforgivable and a classic example of what is meant by the term ‘Lese majeste’.

To have made public their plans without first having the courtesy to inform the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William was extremely selfish and a grave error of judgement.

The only positive aspect to the Sussex’s decision to ‘retire’ from front-line Royal duties is that it has made things a lot easier for Prince Charles, who has long had it in mind to drastically reduce the size of ‘The Firm’.

As for their expressed desire to retain Frogmore as their home here in the UK, I have no problem with that as long as they pay the appropriate rent for such a property.

Yes, Harry and Meghan have caused huge embarrassment to the Queen and other senior Royals – but I have no doubt that a public who can find it in their hearts to forgive Charles, Camilla and Fergie for their lapses, will also, in time, forgive the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their thoughtlessness.

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