A PORTLAND woman will see her creativity come to life tonight as costumes she worked on are worn by David Tennant and Michael Sheen in a new television show.

Good Omens airs tonight at 9pm on BBC Two, with this adaptation of Terry Pratchett's novel being brought to the small screen in a collaboration between Amazon and the BBC.

Sophie Fretwell, a 24-year-old costume illustrator from Portland, attended All Saints School and Weymouth College before going on to Arts University, Bournemouth for four years - leaving with a First Class Honours Degree in Costume & Performance Design and a Masters degree (with Distinction) in Animation.

She worked on the Good Omens project through 2017-18 after costume designer Claire Anderson contacted her to see if Sophie would be available to illustrate Claire's designs.

Speaking about working on Good Omens, Sophie said: "It was amazing, I'd always been a fan of the book, so it was a bit of a dream job. I learned so much, working with Claire and got the chance to build up my portfolio.

"I'm lucky enough to already be working in my dream job, I'd like to continue being both a costume designer and illustrator. A dream would be to illustrate costume concepts for a big sci-fi blockbuster film, one of the behemoths like a Marvel or a Star Wars, maybe one day.

"I loved seeing the costumes evolve over time, each costume had countless variations of illustrations before the final outfit was chosen and it was really interesting seeing what worked and what didn't. It was also really exciting going up to Soho to see the 'Good Omens Bookshop' experience, as they'd made a 'making of' book, which featured my illustrations. So excited to see my drawings come to life tomorrow and to see my first credit when the titles roll."

Good Omens follows a demon called Crowley, played by David Tennant, and the angel Aziraphale, played by Michael Sheen, who join forces to try and stop the coming of the Antichrist.

Since then Sophie has worked on 'The Limehouse Golem' (2017), a recent TK Maxx Christmas advert (2019), some pitch-art for Netflix's 'Winx Club' (2020) and BBC America's 'The Watch' (2020). Currently she is designing costumes for English Heritage.