A DOG walker who collects litter four times a week is being praised for helping keep Weymouth Beach clean.

Brian Hallworth, 67, takes photographs of the rubbish he finds on the sands and posts the pictures to social media in an attempt to raise awareness of the issue.

Brian, a former electrician, began litter picking after getting his dog, May, a Cockapoo, at the end of 2015.

"Walking May along the beach, I was seeing not just ordinary litter, but really nasty, dangerous stuff," Brian, who lives in Weymouth with his wife, explains. "Things like broken bottles and pills, which were harmful not only to dogs but to children, too."

Initially using dog waste bags to collect the rubbish, Brian found he soon needed a big container.

"For a while I used a 25kg sack, but as I have quite severe arthritis that began to put pressure on my joints," Brian says. "I've since made a trolley, which I've adapted here and there over the years. It's great for bigger pieces of litter, like the six-foot lilo I once found buried under the sand."

Brian takes all the litter he collects back home to be photographed, before disposing of it in the bins along the seafront.

"I've tried to make people more aware of the problem by posting photos online," he says. "I also think that there are a lot of people who want dogs banned from the beach altogether, even during the winter. I want them to know that it's dog walkers who are helping keep the beach clean. I know at least 12 others who frequently pick up litter along the shore."

Litter on the beach is particularly bad during the winter, when environmental organisations don't tend to work and storms expose rubbish previously buried by the sand and shingle.

A photograph Brian posted towards the end of last year, showing thousands of "nurdles" that had been washed up during stormy weather, gained particular attention online. Nurdles are tiny plastic pellets that make up most of our plastic products, but billions are spilled in transport and washed up onto our shorelines.

Linda Stevenson, founder of DogFriendly.Social who frequently litter picks with Brian, said: "He's just amazing. He cares so passionately about the environment and is out there for hours in all weathers. People see him and they're encouraged to get involved themselves. We just thought he deserved some recognition."

Brian added: "It helps me to know I'm doing something positive, and I hope more people will take part in keeping our beach clean."